Are you ready to change your relationship with food, stop emotional eating behaviours and combat sugar cravings so you can look and feel amazing again?


I help busy women who struggle with emotional eating and uncontrollable food cravings to educate and implement sustainable lifestyle practices so they can stop using food to cope with any life problems, build body confidence and maintain a healthy weight without restrictions.



I am so glad you have connected with me here!

Do you feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster with food and engage in behaviours that include; using food to cope with stress, boredom, and other life challenges?

Because of this, you lack the confidence to feel great in your own skin and you may be fluctuating in weight!

I’ve seen the struggle people have with managing a busy lifestyle whilst trying to be healthy. Feeling like you have no control of WHAT and HOW to eat is causing serious problems in other areas of your life!

As a busy corporate professional, I have experienced my own health battles and once used food to cope with stress in the work place. My weight would fluctuate and because of this I lacked body confidence. As a result, other areas of my life were suffering including personal relationships and my overall mental clarity.

By discovering holistic health, I completely turned my life around for the better. Because of my experiences first hand I have been able to test and implement proven holistic practices, say good bye to obsessive food behaviours and maintain a healthy weight without making drastic lifestyle changes.

The most rewarding thing is; I now coach people to do the same!

It doesn’t have to be hard; following a holistic approach will lead you down the path of developing sustainable healthy habits without sacrificing the lifestyle you deserve to live!

Are you ready to say goodbye to emotional eating, ditch the food cravings and
finally rock your body?

So how can you change this?

How can you say goodbye to the emotional food rollercoaster?

This is where I come into the picture as your Food relationship coach! BUT…….

I want you to know that it is not a quick fix; it will be your work in progress and your health project.

Are you ready to completely transform your relationship with food in a way that will have you feeling and looking amazing and being the best version of yourself?