Do you want to be able to control food cravings, stop emotional eating and lose weight without being on a diet? What if you could break free from emotional eating and overeating behaviours without changing WHAT you eat, but through HOW to eat, would you be up for learning more?


For 15 years i suffered from emotional eating and overeating and struggled to lose weight and keep it off. I tried so many diets and strict exercise regimes but just wanted to live a life without restrictions and be able to love my body. Does this sound like you?


It wasn’t until I discovered the practice of intuitive eating that I was able to overcome overeating, stop emotional eating, finally lose weight and love my body without been on a silly diet! I finally let go of food fear through intuitive eating practices like the Hunger & Fullness Scale. The satisfying thing is, you don’t focus on changing what you eat, rather how you eat! 


Now I am coaching women to use the same practices  through the Hunger & Fullness Scale so they can lose weight and let go of food fear without been on a diet that never works. Im offering this freebie as something so rewarding that you can truly imlplement straight away.


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