Overcome Overeating and Love Your Body

I’ve created the EXACT BLUEPRINT to help you overcome overeating, binge eating and emotional eating so you can lose weight and love your body without being on a diet!

Read further to discover what’s included in your personalized program and what it will do for you!

Make the mental shift so you can heal your relationship with food and start living your best life!

 Would you like one on one support and guidance on your journey to food freedom and loving your body forever?

 Imagine having a trusted source to hold you accountable, honor your achievements, help you through resistance and lead you to being able to overcome binge and emotional eating without diets so you can enjoy the foods you love while loving your body without restrictions and deprivation!

Knowing what foods to eat for your unique body type and how to prepare nutritious foods that are easy to make without spending hours in the kitchen.

Ditch the obsession and need to count calories and completely transform your body whilst enjoying healthy foods.

Live the lifestyle you desire through sustainable holistic health practices.

My promise is that you will finally be able to control food cravings and build your body confidence through sustainable healthy behaviours that do NOT feel like sacrifice and deprivation.


This phase will cover the following;

  • Get your very own personalized assessment to map out your current health challenges and discover the EXACT wat to help you finally break free from binge eating, kick your cravings, say goodbye to emotional eating so you can heal your relationship with food, lose weight and love your body by the end of the program.
  • Uncover your inner WHY and what is driving your desired outcome so you can finally implement the exact lifestyle practices that will help you achieve your goals so you can live your best life for good
  • Map out a clear personalized plan to help you achieve your outcome in 4 months (nutrition, lifestyle, mindset)
  • Review your current food behaviours and diet and TAILOR a nutrition approach to your needs so you can stop overeating and binge eating.  Finally discover the foods to help you feel satisfied and nourished so you can lose weight and keep it off without diets

This phase will cover the following;

  • Create and integrate your ultimate grocery shopping list so you can start enjoying yummy and healthy foods that will help you feeling full, energized, satisfied so you no longer have the struggle with food cravings and overeating 
  • Learn HOW to eat- Practice the most effective ways of eating so you become in touch with your hunger cues and finally let go calorie counting so you can double your energy, lose weight and maintain it without silly diets and deprivation
  • Develop sustainable healthy behaviours without making drastic lifestyle changes through nourishing foods and recipes suitable to your unique self
  • Exercises to support positive behaviours with food.
  • The ultimate transformation to control your food cravings, beat binge eating and emotional eating behaviours
  • Optional– Unlock your epic Nutrition program and platform- includes; an abundance of vegan and non-vegan recipes, Way of eating methodology, wholefood support

his phase will cover the following;

  • Learn to adapt and change your way of eating without restrictions. Master getting in touch with your inner needs so you continue to fuel your body with the foods to double your energy and control cravings so you never need to struggle with an emotional eating episode or binge again.
  • Identify and implementing action plans to combat stress, low self-esteem, self-sabotage and anxiety so you can achieve your desired outcome without falling back into old habits again
  • Mindset practices to fit your unique lifestyle to help you meet your desired health goal including; ways to rock your confidence, sky rocket your way to the highest self esteem so you can perform your best in everything you do
  • Learn the EXACT ways to have complete control of your life so you no longer use food to cope with life problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and boredom.
  • Master the most effective ways of HOW to eat to kick food cravings, stop binge eating and emotional eating through intuitive eating practices. Achieve your weight goals, skyrocket your way to self-love and finally heal your relationship with food.


This phase will cover the following;

  • Finally discover the exact way to sustain these lifestyle practices so you don’t fall back into old habits
  • Learn and develop unique nutrition practices so you can continue to maintain a healthy weight after the program.
  • Learn and develop unique mindset so you can continue to combat stress, anxiety, depression so you can look and feel amazing for good without falling back into old habits.
  • New goals and action plan to support a sustainable healthy lifestyle change.


    Weekly virtual coaching sessions to help you stay accountable to your personalized plan to overcome overeating and love your body


    Lifetime access to mindset and nutrition resources  and all your personalized workbooks and exercises


   FREE video trainings that will be exclusive to you and your needs. You can request the training on what’s most important to you during the coaching program. Keep this training recording for lifetime


  Nutrition plans personalized to your desired goal whether it be for weight loss, to control food cravings, minimize sugar intake, achieve and sustain a healthy weight, boost immunity and more.


  Nutrition information guides- resources to help you discover HOW to eat for your unique body type. Building a sustainable plan to fit into your lifestyle


 Mindset practices, exercises, plans and workbooks. Learn how to create your ultimate balanced and healthiest lifestyle 


  Lifetime access to all content and coaching session recordings so you can revisit whenever you like



You receive one-on-one support and a variety of resources to help you overcome your cravings and improve your relationship with food so you can learn healthy lifestyle habits and completely transform the way you look and feel about your body.

This program blends mindset practices, nutrition and food behaviour coaching based on the strategies I used myself and with my clients to completely transform their habits and change their lives for good. Forget about silly diets, you can finally learn the exact ways to have food freedom and lose weight without strict regimes!

You receive one-on-one support and a variety of resources to help you overcome your cravings and improve your relationship with food so you can learn healthy lifestyle habits and completely transform the way you look and feel about your body.

This program is super special and effective in delivering successful client health outcomes as I provide clients with specific program resources tailored to the person’s unique health challenge and desired outcome. With this in mind, the phases of the program may be worked differently other than stated in the Program outline above. As individual’s we require different work and some individual’s may require more coaching on nutrition than mindset and vice versa




 Daily Chat support via 

          VOXER or Messenger 

Workbooks, Templates and exercises tailored to your individual needs and desired outcome

Accountability plans to ensure you progress to your desired goal and don’t fall back into old habits.

BONUSES (Over $397USD value)


CLEAN EATING MADE EASY GUIDE- Take the fuss out of counting calories and enjoy these quick and nutritious snacks and meals in just 15 minutes to make. Recipes are available in vegetarian and vegan options.

SELF LOVE MINI MINDSET PROGRAM CHALLENGE- Discover how to build body confidence and love yourself through proven holistic practices. This challenge will take your through how to implement lifestyle changes and personal growth strategies to totally transform your health and support your individual health goals.

Nourishing Meals Cheat Sheet– A Smart and simple food combining method to help you create healthy meals in perfect balance. This includes; a cookbook, How to Plate Up guide to teach you how to prepare and balance your meals without the fuss of counting calories.





Let’s Work Together!

Healing your relationship with food and loving your body doesn’t have to be hard!

When you go through this program, following a holistic approach will lead you down the path of developing sustainable healthy habits without sacrificing the lifestyle you deserve to live!

Are you ready to say goodbye to emotional eating, ditch the food cravings, and finally rock your body?

Apply for the program by clicking on the below booking form


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