In 4 weeks re-program your mind and take control of your emotions so food no longer gets in the way of living your best life!

 Find Food Freedom and control emotional eating so you can lose weight and love what you see in the mirror


You are an emotional eater! You eat when you’re stressed, bored, lonely, unhappy, depressed and anxious

You label foods and ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and obsess about the bad foods that you ‘can’t have’ 

You’ve tried many diets, challenges, strict exercise regimes and nothing has worked for you!

You wish you could eat dessert without feeling guilty

You feel ashamed when you lose control of food

When you lose control of food, you feel bloated, tired, sick and so full to the point where you just want to go to sleep to put it all behind you

You constantly body shame yourself! You don’t like what you see in the mirror 

You wish you could just stop at one small piece of chocolate without the ‘all or nothing’ mentality

All you want is to enjoy life without food on your mind and weight gain worry

How do I know all this about you already? because that used to be me, I too suffered from binge eating and emotional eating for 15 years. I tried so many diets, I used to starve myself to compensate for the overeating then restrict calories, over exercise, and because of all the deprivation I would fall back into a binge episode over and over again!


I want you to know I have your back and you have definitely come to the right place if you want to find food freedom, lose weight and keep it off without falling back into old habits.


Let’s not waste any more of your time so you can start living your best life when food is no longer in the way!

Let’s help you finally heal your relationship with food.  I’m here to get you out of this battle with food and I want to be part of your epic transformation so you can feel good about yourself, love what you see in the mirror and rock body confidence!



 Let go of silly diets that don’t work

Transform your mindset so you know your self-worth

Skyrocket your journey to self love so you can open yourself up to others and find happiness in your relationships

Be able to go on holidays and enjoy social occasions without having to restrict food and still maintain your weight

Discover how to fulfill other areas of your life so food no longer gets in the way


 Beat Binge eating Mindset Mastery is a truly powerful 4-week program that helps you reprogram your mindset for sustainable mind and body transformations

 From all these years of diets, excessive exercise plans and nutrition programs, calorie tracking apps what I learnt is that true transformations come from within you, and that is through the mindset.

That is why I am now coaching others to make the changes from within.

As I have learnt, you can have all the fancy nutrition plans and glamorous exercise programs but if you don’t have the right mindset to control your emotions, nothing will ever change.

Each week during the program there will be different modules to support your success and master of the mindset. They will be delivered via the Facebook group and you will receive live coaching from me to deliver the sessions and then access the weekly worksheets and exercises.




As I have learnt, you can have all the fancy nutrition plans and glamorous exercise programs but if you don’t do the mindset work, you can kiss goodbye any of your desired goals. Each week there will be different modules so you can say goodbye to the emotional roller coaster with food and say hello to a healed relationship with food


This is a bonus coaching session which is essential prior to week 1 of the course commencement. Complete your own personal assessment prior to the 4 week program commencement date. Uncover your WHY and truly get in touch with what your desired goal means to you and identify what has been stopping you, slowing you down from getting what you want. Get crystal clear on what needs to change in your life so you can sky rocket to ultimate success and clear any clutter that needs to take place to ensure you get the results you have always wanted

This is where your road to body love and food control begins! The physiological needs assessment is a personal approach dedicated to you and finally identifying the most sustainable way of eating that is best for you. You can finally become present with the type of foods to include in your diet so you can feel full and satisfied by putting the right nutrients in your body. By doing this, you will ultimately be able to control your cravings, stop eating based on emotional triggers and be able to beat binge eating when your body is fully nourished with what it needs to function properly.

During the Needs State- lifestyle Transformation for spiritual and emotional module, uncover what’s been going on in your life so you can make the necessary changes to support your food freedom forever. Discover what areas are important to you the most spiritually and emotionally. . Here you will experience a real ‘aha moment’ when you uncover your state of esteem, love and belonging and self-actualization.  During this module, we will go through the proven steps to take to ensure your inner levels of these needs are met so you can skyrocket your way to self love and be able to look in the mirror and feel happy about yourself.

Emotional triggers audit- Identify environmental triggers such as certain life events, social, work, people, situations, and inner emotions that are most likely relevant to the root of the problem so you can finally control these emotions that cause emotional eating and binge eating.


Life fulfillment areas- Identify and assess each of the main life areas that are inevitable for self fulfillment in order to create food freedom so you can finally stop using food as a problem solver. This final step is embedded to make epic long lasting changes so you can finally live your best life and rock your confidence for good.



Access to life time resources delivered during the program modules

1 hour private coaching sessions per week

Recordings of coaching sessions to look back on and revisit 

Food Freedom specific strategy exercises, reflection and accountability 

Mindset practices to ensure you can finally put some powerful practices in place to overcome overeating and emotional eating

FREE bonuses including a 7 day mini guide based on the How to Plate Meal Methodology PLUS the 14 Day Gratitude Challenge designed to use whenever you like and super powerful to help skyrocket your way to body confidence and self love


Access to me personally to help support your goals via VOXER Monday-Friday 

1 private coaching session for the 4 week program plus 1 FREE bonus session for pre-work prior to course commencement date

Review of your personalised goals and weekly action sheets to ensure we kick those cravings and emotional eating behaviours for good


 New tools to implement that will help you rewire your unconscious mind and build new positive habits.

I want you to build this into a lifestyle, not a quick fix but long term solution. I’ll be teaching you new processes and tools and ensuring you master your mind!





The best investment you could make in your life is your health.

In just 4 weeks you will have developed a kick ass strong mindset to help control your emotions with food and beat overeating behaviours so you can sky rocket your way to self love, look and feel amazing and live your best life


To join the program and  find out more about how this program will work for you book a Food Freedom Strategy call with me by clicking the button below.