Let me introduce myself....

Before I became a Food Relationship Coach I was in a completely different physical and mental state to where I am today.

It took me 14 years..

To stop obsessing over my body, my weight and using food to cope with stress, boredom and any problem that life would throw at me. 

To put it simply, I had a poor relationship with food and it was impacting MANY areas of my life!

In the late 1990s to early 2000s, practicing holistic health was not widely recognised and yo-yo diets, restrictive eating and unhealthy mindsets around nutrition were running rampant…I’ll put up my hand and say that like many women I’ve tried at least 10 or more different diets that eliminate and restrict food groups. 

What was happening to me BECAUSE of my poor relationship with food was life changing…and not in a good way!

I developed a serious problem with food and my body image and over the years dieting caused obsessive compulsive behaviours that lead to overeating, restricting, self loathing, anxiety and depression. 

There was a period of time where I failed to recognise the root of my problems and I thought I had overcome my inner battle with food and how I perceived myself. 

I actually never really engaged in any preventative practices to combat my health challenges and it was because of this, in my late 20s I developed a binge eating problem due to workplace stress.

I originally come from a corporate work background and previously experienced my own challenges with maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst keeping up with workplace demands. Long days and even nights at work increased my stress levels and the short-term comfort and relief of using food as a coping mechanism resulted in frequent binge eating. I wondered why I was unable to shift any excess weight gained over the years.


I’m an introvert by nature!

I love having ‘me time’, whether it be grabbing a coffee at my local cafe and pulling up a spot for a couple of hours to log on and do some work. I love the freedom of going for a drive where I often use this time to go through personal reflection and getting outdoors to hike a new adventurous trail.

Travel and seeing the world is super important to me.

I experienced a large part of overseas adventures on my own and this was by far one of the best things I have done in my life as it truly tested my strengths as an individual.

However, that’s not to say I can totally go without good company. 

When riding solo for two long, it often reminds me that having close relationships are important and extremely healthy for the mind.

I’m a huge routine kinda gal! I wake up every morning before 6am,I journal and reflect on gratitude followed by a 10km run outdoors coming back home refreshed, focused and ready to power through my day.

One thing I’ve learned in life is the value of personal freedom and work-life balance. I like to work and live life on my own terms and having the flexibility and time for family and friends is extremely important to me.


What does Food Relationship Coaching involve?

As a Food Relationship Coach I work with people to identify how a health related problem or current challenge is impacting their health and other areas of their life.  The right accountability and support is provided to facilitate the achievement of a client’s personal health goals.

I work with clients from anywhere around the world and my coaching is structured around the following principles;

Identify clear specific goals

Getting crystal clear on what they want to achieve during their time working with me. We will do some deep soul searching into uncovering the WHY beneath the WHY.

Set up conditions for inevitable success

Coaching the client to identify what needs to be in place in their physical environment so they can achieve their goals. It is one thing to have a desired outcome however, if you do not have the right conditions in your environment you are likely to fall behind or fail to achieve the desired results.


Ensuring we work through challenges. I will coach you and guide you through specific measures that need to be in place. We are all human and stuff up, so if you fall over into old habits this is where I step in.

Putting your goals into action

Information and exercises specific to your desired outcome. I provide personalised nutrition and behavioural information, exercises and handouts tailored to each individual’s needs. 

Let’s Work Together!

It doesn’t have to be hard; following a holistic approach will lead you down the path of developing sustainable healthy habits without sacrificing the lifestyle you deserve to live!

Are you ready to say goodbye to emotional eating, ditch the food cravings, and finally rock your body?